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Beware the FDA!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, heavily populated by former (and future) pharmaceutical-industry executives, has a long history of aggressively attempting to close down businesses that produce holistic healthcare products for cancer and other serious illnesses, even if (especially if) the products work. This often involves raiding, arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning the owners of the companies. Terrorist raids have become the new cure-all for alternative cancer remedies.

These pages tell the stories of several to whom this has recently occurred: "The FDA's Panacea" describes what happened to Greg Caton, former owner of Alpha Omega Labs, in Louisiana. "Thirteen Years for a Dietary Supplement" tells the story of Jay Kimball, former owner of Discovery Experimental, in Florida. "The Forbidden Fruit" is a brief account of what befell Jason Vale, who sold apricot seeds over the internet. "Aloe Irritates the FDA" summarizes the case of Joe DiStefano and Daniel Meyer, in Florida, whose clinics the FDA destroyed, although they escaped prosecution.

Jay Kimball was sent to a federal prison that's known unofficially as a "punishment prison," where various passive and aggressive methods are used to inflict abuse that amounts to "Institutional Torture," in addition to the inmate's sentence. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in American prisons.

"The FDA's Cozy Little Relationship" describes the flagrant conflict of interest in the FDA Alumni Association an organization created to allow industry executives to mingle socially with officials of the agency that ostensibly regulates them.