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We are being exposed to increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), especially microwaves, from an increasing number of sources, including cellphones and towers, cordless phones, satellites, computers, digital TV, radar, wireless internet, and wireless LANs in schools. This radiation is having a demonstrably harmful effect on our health.

Cellphones, cell towers, cordless phones, and wifi give off extensive radiation. The most common fear is cancer, but neurological problems tend to appear first. Current standards are inadequate; see the FCC Standard page. For more information on microwaves, see sources on the Links page. This site has a good summary of steps you can take to reduce exposure. (It contains affiliate links — I have no connection.) If you’re interested in taking radiation measurements, gaussmeters are available from and The Cutting Edge Catalog.

Other significant sources of radiation to be avoided include fluorescent and LED lights, microwave ovens (both because of leakage and the effect on food), electric blankets, and waterbeds (because of the electric heater), as well as proximity to electrical outlets. 

For a more extensive discussion, see Robert O. Becker, M.D., Cross Currents, and B. Blake Levitt, Electromagnetic Fields. Various websites also cover this subject.

Minimize exposure to devices that emit EMR and use protection where they can't be avoided:  

  • Replace any cordless phones or wireless computer connections in your home with wired ones. Turn off the wireless function in your modem or router. (This requires accessing the settings menu, which is different for every manufacturer. Do a search for "disable wifi in [brand name] router." 

  • Don't use an electric blanket or heating pad or sleep with a clock radio or phone charging near your head.

  • Innerspring mattresses act as antennas and pick up radiation, so if you have one, you may want to switch to a futon pad.

  • In severe cases of depression, anxiety, autism, etc., Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, one of the world's foremost holistic doctors, suggests turning off all power to the house, or at least the bedroom, at night. His website also has items to reduce or eliminate EMR exposure, such as bed-shielding canopies and wall-shielding paint.

  • Use Ener-G-Polari-T diodes and/or Blushield devices for personal protection and living/working spaces. I use both, mainly because I started with the diodes and later learned about Blushield. The diodes are passive devices and the Blushield are active. (Links below are not affiliate.)

Ener-G-Polari-T Diodes

The diodes come in various types. The two most common are:

  • A larger round one (the Versatile diode). Wear it on the left side of the body all the time, even at night, with the flat copper side away from you. They also make a pendant jewelry version.

  • A smaller round one for cellphones (put it on the back, over the battery) and computer or laptop. For a PC, put it on the back, where the AC cord comes in; for a laptop, on the keyboard side or the bottom over the battery. Also stick one to the wall over an outlet near your desk and any outlet near your bed, especially if the bed is up against that wall. If you have a metal bedframe, put one on it too, opposite the outlet. EMR from outlets suppresses your immunity and prevents your body from recharging at night. 

Blushield Devices 

The Blushield devices come in two main types: the Plugin, for your home, and the Portable, which you can carry with you. A bundle with both is available at a discount, and you can get another 10% off with coupon code "vibration10". 


You can do a simple test using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to show that these devices (or any others) work: 

  1. If you have a cellphone in your pocket, put it down and stand holding your right arm out straight.

  2. Have someone press down on your arm, trying to push it down while you resist, which you should be able to do. 

  3. Pick up the cellphone in your left hand (it doesn't even have to be on) and have the tester press down again on your right arm. You won't be able to hold your arm up, no matter how hard you try. Why? Because the body runs on microcurrents, and EMR disrupts them. 

  4. Put a diode or portable Blushield device in your left hand with the phone, or plug in a home Blushield device, and test again — you'll be strong.

The same thing will happen if you stand next to an electrical outlet: strong when away from it, weak next to it, strong next to it while holding the diode or Blushield portable, or with the Blushield home device plugged in.  

If the electric meter for your home is on the outside wall of a room where you spend time (living room, bedroom, home office, kitchen), it may be difficult to neutralize that area. You can use the muscle test described above to see if it's a problem and, if so, how far you need to be from it before it has no noticeable effect. This is particularly true with "smart" meters, which emit bursts of microwave radiation as they transmit your power consumption details. Ener-G-Polari-T says their Versatile diode (placed on the inside wall behind the meter) and/or Circuit Breaker diode (placed on the circuit breaker box) will neutralize radiation from smart meters, as will the Blushield.

If you live in an apartment that's anywhere near the wall that holds all the electric meters for the building (adjacent, below, or above), the best option is to move.

Another type of radiation that can cause health problems may arise when an energy vortex from the earth creates a geopathic zone in a building. You can locate such zones with dowsing or muscle testing, but these problems are rare.